Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year Up date!!!

Ok so here's the scoop at the Harkness house! A lot has been going to on to keep us very busy. kaydence is starting to crawl and she has so many new words that inlcude "MAMA" "DADA" which she is still working on this one so it is mostly "MAMAMAMAMAMA" when she wants something! She an also say "hi" if you tell her over and over again. She is also learning the word no. She understands it pretty good when you tell her no but she will look at you just to make sure you really mean it! It is so cute to see her face when you tell her No. She also loves the bath. The other night I was getting her in the bath and I usually let her splash around for a little bit, Well I went to grab her towel and came back and she had the whole bathroom floor soaking wet because she had splashed so much. So after 2 towels we finally got all the water cleaned up. Whoever thought that one little person could make such a mess?!

Also with me I will be graduating from Weber State in a few months and so I am hard at work finishing up my degree in Family Studies. This has been a lot of work and I have so many people tell me that I won't want to finish my schooling now that i have had a baby. So to all of you who think it cna' be done well guess what I am doing it! This is a huge accomplishment for me and I am so proud of myself for sticking with and finishing it up. In my spare time I am also reading the Twlight books. I have finished the first one and loved it I am reading the second one because I got the whole series for Christmas and I am stuck on like the fourth chapter. This one is a lot harder to get through but everyone has said it gets better so keep reading.

Will is still hard at work with Saunders. So far they have enough work to keep them busy for awhile and we are praying that the economy gets better so he will continue to have a job! He is also working hard to graduate from Weber State with his Construction Degree. He can't wait for me to be done so I can help him finish. He is a great Dad and Kaydence loves him! The other day he came home and picked her up and she was so excited for him to be home. He left the room for a minute to go get her some food and she started to fuss because he left her. It was the cutest thing! It is so cute to see him get down on the floor and play with her.


Mike and Jen said...

She is so cute! I want to play with her again! I'm glad you guys are doing well, it was fun catching up over the holiday break.

Kali said...

Hey!! It was fun to finally see your cute family!! (even if it was just pictures!) When I make it up that way we definately need to get together. It really seems like it has been forever!! Tell Bryan hi for me, I have wondered alot about his being home :)
Keep me posted :)

Bo said...

Elder Harkness, how the hell are you?! I was so excited to hear from you. You've got a cute family. You didn't tell me what website you found those missionaries at. Anyway, drop me a line sometime, life is good here. -Bo

Bonnie said...

Hey! I posted some cute pictures of that baby of yours on my blog. Take a look at them!

Bonnie said...

Hey so when are you going to post again! I know you're busy with school and stuff but this seems to be the only way that I get to catch up on how thins are with you!!

She's Here!

She's Here!