Friday, April 3, 2009

Harkness News!

Well as you all know because Will can't keep secrets we are gong to be having another baby! This came as a huge surprise in fact it was a complete shock! I was wondering how in the heck are we going to manage. We have just been getting used to the fact that we have a little person around the house with a very BIG ATTITUDE! There is a saying that says "I'm the princess and we'll run things my way" it completely true only Kaydence is the Queen! She definatly has a strong personality and if she doesn't want something or doesn't want to sleep she simply won't! So I have been having a struggle thinking how in the world, will isn't going to be done with school, how are we going to pay for another baby, and so on and so forth! Well i went to my first doc apointment and that changed my whole perspective. I am very grateful to be given the chance to have another baby and Heavenly Father knows that I can do it otherwise he wouldn't have given me this challenge. I am also greatful to have a husband who loves Kaydence and takes such great care of her so that will be a huge help to me! So we are very excited to be able to get another one so soon even though I am going to be very VERY busy!

Update on Kaydence. Besides having a HUGE ATTITUDE, she is crawling all over the place and into everything! She loves to stand up to every thing especially in her crib. Her favorite thing to do is stand up in her crib and yell "Mama or Dada" and the bounce. She is also loving be independent and finding her own toys and helping mom undo all of the laundry! She is going to be turning one in about a month and a half and I am so excited to have a birthday party and have my first attempt at making a decorative cake!

The big arrival date is September 20, 2009. However I went about a week early with Kaydence so sometime in the first part of Septemeber we will be getting another baby Harkness!

On to other news. Only four 4 weeks til I graduate with my Bachelor's Degree in Family Studies with an Educaiton Emphasis. I can't hardly stand it I am so excited to finally be graduating. This program has been a great education and it is going to benefit my family for years to come so now it will be time to put into practice what I have learne din the last 41/2 years!

P.S. More pics to come our camera cord is broken so I haven't been able to downlaod any pics.

She's Here!

She's Here!