Friday, August 21, 2009

24th of July

Better late then never! At my mom's home town of Bear River city, every year they have a huge 24th celebration. Thay have a program, races, a parade, an auctin, baby contest, fish pond and tons of other things. Well we entered Kaydence into the baby contest for her age group and she won! 2 years in a row she has won for the cutest baby! (Not to brag or anything!) I myself think she is the cutest! I am excited for next year because she gets to be entered in and if she wins she will be the queen and get to ride in the rodeo!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cutest little girl

Sporting a new bathrobe for Will's work barbque.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Hair styles!

Kaydence also finally has enough hair that i can play with it. It has been a lot of fun trying different hairstyles on her. I decided to try something that i wouldn't have to do for a couple days because we were camping so here is what i came up with.


Well we had what is probably the first of many to come. A big black eye! We went to our ward campout this weekend and Kaydence has just become pretty good at walking. She is still a little unstable ad tries to run and falls a lot but she just picks herself up and says "ouchie" and then is usually on her way. This time we weren't so lucky. A group of kids were walking by and didn't see her and she lost her balance and fell right into the picnic table and she a pretty good black eye. We were lucky that it didn't split open or anything else but she looks pretty bruised! Poor thing!

She's Here!

She's Here!