Sunday, January 31, 2010

Harkness Update

Sorry for the delay in posts. We have no internet at the moment. Just trying to save a little money. But i thought i better write a little and update everyone.

Will- is trying to stay busy with work. They haven't officially layed him off but we are just on a day to day basis with work. He is a very hard worker and is trying so hard to provide for out family. He also just got into a little accident about a week ago but he is ok. He was running an errand and hit some black ice and ran into a ditch and tipped the truck on its side. Luckily he walked away with only a few bruises.

Me- working a little part time to help out the family finacially and working really hard with my Mary Kay business. I am working on earning my first free car. I really enjoy running my own little business and meeting new people and helping them increase their self-esteem. Plus it gives me a chance to talk to people my age for a couple hours a day. I can only talk 2 year old jibberish for so long!

Kaydence- Oh boy what do i say about kaydence. That girl has more spunk then she knows what to do with. Everyday is a new adventure with her. One night I was trying to make a good dinner for Will and Brennan was crying, the oven was beeping and then there was Kaydence dancing on the top on my kitchen table! Sometimes i don't no where she comes up with the things she does but i can't get mad at her because it is so funny. She is really into coloring latley and sometimes it doesn't always end up on the paper. She is also talking up a storm. If you ask her how old she is going to be she will say "five". So i guess i am going to have a 5 year old in a few months.

Brennan- Oh my sweet little boy who doesn't sleep at night! He is so sweet and just goes with the flow which is good because his sister wants to take him everywhere! The older he gets the more and more he looks just like Will. His eyes have stayed really dark and he is just so cute! He just turned 5 months. I can hardly believe that he is already that old.

Well i know this is getting to be a long post but i haven't written anything in a long time!

She's Here!

She's Here!