Thursday, June 5, 2008

2 weeks old!

Hello friends and family!

Kaydence is now 2 weeks old! i can't believe that it has already been that fast! she is still a little sweet heart and we love her to pieces! we went to the doctor today for her two week check up and she is now 6n pounds 12 ounces! so in one week she has gained almost a pound! she is still very little and petite which is nice but she needs to grow just a little more to fit in all of her clothes! i am having a very hard time keeping her dressed because she only has so many preemie clothes that fit and we usually go through about three outfits a day between the spitting up and the pooping up her back! (mom usually goes through about two to three outfits as well!) :)

Yesterday was quite and adventure we had to take uncle Miles to the MTC and it was really hard for me to have to say goodbye and know that his niece is going to be 2 when he gets back. It was also really hard to watch him give her a kiss goodbye. Not that she really cares but it was way hard on me! She did leave quite the impression on some people while we were there! Right in the middle of the short orientation she made this loud rumbling noise in her car seat. The people in front of us thought that it was me or Will. I looked down the aisle and saw that my entire family was laughing! So here we are on this sad occasion and she is just right at home leaving her mark!

Being parents takes on a whole new meaning when you have a newborn who doesn't care about anything such as passing gas! I guess you start to loose all decency and manners when you are in public with a newborn!


She's Here!

She's Here!