Thursday, November 6, 2008


A lot has happened to us these last few months and that has kept me from updating our website. As you know this is my last year in school so i am trying to get caught up on all my schooling and turn in everthing for graduation! Yay!!!!
Also we have had a tragic loss to our family. My brother Miles's best friend was killed in a car accident. He was like a little brother to me and this has up set our family tremendously. My brother is doing well and working hard for two in New Zealand but this was a complete shock and my other brothers and sisters are still grieving. Pray for Miles that he will continue to stay on the right path and work hard on his mission!
We are also picking up my brother Bryan from his mission tomorrow!!!! We are very excited for him to come home. He seems like he has changed and for the better and he is excited to see and meet Kaydence!
We have also had our pictures taken as a family so you can see how big Kaydence is getting. The Website to view all of our pictures in Hope that you will take a sec and look at the cute pictures of Kaydence!!!!


Keri Mead said...

YEAH! I kept WONDERING if you had a blog and thought about texting you, lol. Yeah!

Becky Maughan said...

Hey Krisin, I found your blog through keri's. Kaydence (I hope I spelled that right) is so so cute! And your family pictures are so cute! That is so awesome that you are almost done with school. Since moving to Provo my school has been oh hold. I wish I could go and get it done with. Anyways I'm glad I found you!!

She's Here!

She's Here!