Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another BIG Harkness update...

Just a warning this entry is quite long and random but should bring us up to date!

March- Happy Easter! This was her dress. We went to the dance at my grandma's. she looked jut like a little princess. Work has picked up for Will, so that has been a huge blessing. I have worked really hard with my Mary Kay business and I finished first month of Car qualifications. I am so excited. I am hoping to finish it up in the month of April and i will have earned a free car with Mary Kay!
On a sad note my grandpa passed away this month. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. He was my only grandpa and he was an amazing man. He woud always make me feel important and like i was the favorite grandkid. He will be missed a lot. My love and prayers are with my lonely grandma.

I just love this picture. Also lately they have started to play with each other. Kaydence just loves him and always wants to hug him. Every morning when we are getting ready I lay them on the bed and change them both. Kaydence will roll over and say "good morning Bre". It is so cute.

February- Work was slow for Will but we managed. Kaydence did love it when Will would be home for lunch. (and i loved it when she wanted him to put her down for a nap!) Brennan came down with RSV. My life revovled around feeding, changing diapers, and giving him 3 to 4 treatments a day. We also gave Kaydence a treatment a few times. She HATED it. So now the joke is whenever she is introuble we ask her "Do you want a treatmnet?" of Course she usually she "No". We also are now feeding Brennan solids and he has been in Kaydence's high chair. One night after dinner i guess he was just way to tired he couldn't wait for me to put him to bed.


She's Here!

She's Here!